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Faith Moments

February 5, 2013

Faith Moment True Love 2

Transcript of audio:

Listeners of a certain age may remember a popular song by Cole Porter called "True Love". Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly sang it in the musical, "High Society."

The song opens with the line, "I give to you and you give to me." That could almost be the soundtrack for this week's scripture readings.

From the Book of Jeremiah, to St. Paul's letter, to the gospel, we learn that true love means giving of ourselves.

We are taught to overcome our self-interested nature and discern God's purpose for us. It may be a call to donate clothing to help the comfort a sick visit with a lonely relative.

Real, true love is not always easy. But it is the greatest gift given to us by God.  And God intends for us to share it.

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