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Faith Moments

February 6, 2013

Faith Moment True Love 3

Transcript of audio:

Facing life’s challenges can be difficult.  But having someone who loves us at our side helps to ease the struggle.  We often refer to those people as “true friends” or a “true love.”  Yet as comforting as they are, their love and dedication pales in comparison to the perfect love God has for each of us.

In this week’s scriptures we hear of Jeremiah suffering at the hands of his people; and of Jesus being driven out of his home town by an angry mob.  Yet in the midst of it all they stay committed to what God is asking of them.  And he protects and strengthens them.

We are each called to discover and live God’s purpose for us; and to be a reflection of God's love to others.  Sometimes it isn’t easy.  But we can trust that God is with us.  True love will prevail.

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