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Faith Moments

February 11, 2013

Faith Moment New Direction 1

Transcript of audio:

Have you ever had the chance to move in a new direction only to hesitate because you didn't feel ready? For example, a job promotion or an opportunity to further your education.

This week's scriptures offer examples of people who took their lives in a new direction, even though they felt inadequate at first. Isaiah has a vision of God but does not think his lips are clean enough to speak God's word. Then we hear Paul say he is not fit to be an apostle, but through God’s grace, he is preaching. And in the gospel, Peter leaves his boat on the shore to become "a fisher of men" with Jesus.

All three overcame their hesitation and with trust in God, accepted His call.

Could God be calling you in a new direction? Pray for His grace to guide you.

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