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Faith Moments

February 13, 2013

Faith Moment New Direction 3

Transcript of audio:

Imagine being Simon Peter in this week’s Gospel reading. You just spent all night casting your nets and didn't catch a single fish. Then Jesus comes along and asks you to cast your net in the very same spot on the water. Most of us would probably hesitate and protest a little. But Peter says, sure, he'll give it a try. 

And the results are amazing. They catch so many fish, the nets begin to tear. Peter is so amazed he leaves everything behind to go in a new direction and follow Jesus.

Could God be giving you an opportunity to turn in a new direction? Why not give it a try? Even when we give what little we may have, the results can be amazing.

Remember what Jesus said to Peter: "Do not be afraid."

When God calls us, He promises to be with us.

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