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Faith Moments

February 19, 2013

Faith Moment God's Word 2

Transcript of audio:

This week's readings show us how obedience to God and His Word is meant to give us direction and fulfillment in our lives.

In the first reading, Moses reminds the people how God led them out of oppression to the land of milk and honey as they were faithful to His Word.

St. Paul then explains in the second reading that as we listen to God’s word our hearts and faith are strengthened, and that cannot help but find expression in our lives.

In the Gospel, Jesus himself is guided by the scriptures in fending off the devil and his temptations in the desert.

Are we obedient to God? Are we looking to His Word for guidance?

Lent is the time to listen more dig a little deeper into what the scriptures aim a little higher at what God wants for us, sharing in His love and promise of eternal life.

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