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Faith Moments

February 20, 2013

Faith Moment God's Word 3

Transcript of audio:

For Catholics, this week's Gospel sums up what Lent is all about.

We hear the story of Jesus in the desert for 40 days, being tempted by the devil. Jesus is hungry. He is suffering. The devil tempts Jesus with food...then with power and glory...and finally the devil seeks to have Jesus tempt God the Father himself.

Through it all, Jesus relies on the scriptures...the Word of God...for guidance in overcoming these temptations. Jesus remained obedient to the Word, setting aside His own needs and desires so that He might fulfill God's will in those trying circumstances.

What needs and desires might we set aside this Lent? Perhaps it's skipping the morning coffee and giving that money to a food pantry or soup kitchen such as St. Vincent DePaul. Maybe it's giving your time to volunteer at church.

Remember to look to the Word of God for guidance.

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