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Faith Moments

February 25, 2013

Faith Moment Faith 1

Transcript of audio:

The scripture readings from this past Sunday teach us that fidelity to God's Word is at the very core of our Christian faith.

Throughout the scriptures we discover that faith does not mean blindly believing in things or events.  Rather, faith is shown to be a profound trust placed in a person.

Our loyalty to our faith simply means having a profound trust in God.  We have faith that what God tells us – through the scriptures and through His church – is the truth.  We have faith that God's will for us is in our best interest.  And we have faith that God's promises will be fulfilled.  In other words, we take God at his word.

Like Abraham in this week’s first reading, we are called to embrace God's word, his guidance and his promises. It is in deepening our relationship with God that we deepen our trust in him; and from that trust our obedience flows naturally.

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