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Faith Moments

February 26, 2013

Faith Moment Faith 2

Transcript of audio:

For Christians, Lent can be a time of real conversion.  Often at this time of year people think of what they are going to “give up”.  What’s more important, though, is not what we “give up” but rather what we “give over” to God.  What changes do we want God to help us with so that we can have a stronger relationship with him and with others? 

To make those changes we need to trust – trust that God wants to and will work with us to free us from those attitudes and habits that weaken our relationships.  We also need to listen – listen to what God is trying to tell us.  And we need to commit – commit to taking action.  When we do that we will be transformed.

Lent is not necessarily an easy time.  But it can be a very positive time.  Are you up to the challenge of Lent?

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