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Faith Moments

February 27, 2013

Faith Moment Faith 3

Transcript of audio:

Are you listening?

Our gospel reading this week shows us the relationship between faith and listening.

In the reading we find Jesus conversing with Moses and Elijah about the suffering He is about to endure.  Because Jesus knows that his suffering will be for the good of others, he commits himself to it.  From Jesus’ example we learn that to have faith is to listen to and to trust God; and to be willing to follow his will.

How do we do that?  First, we are called to listen to the Word of God, profoundly trusting in what God has promised. Then, flowing from that, we are called to live out our faith as Jesus did, giving of ourselves for the good of others.

Are you listening? This Lent, how might you follow the example of Jesus and listen to what God is calling you to do? That is the fidelity to faith that will bring you true and lasting joy.

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