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Faith Moments

March 4, 2013

Faith Moment Follow-Through 1

Transcript of audio:

Many Christians start the season of Lent with good intentions.  We commit to giving something up, or volunteering, or donating to a charity. But then, halfway into it, we don't follow through.

This week's readings are all about follow-through.  In the first reading God calls Moses to lead His people out of Egypt.  But Moses hesitates – why me? Why don't you send someone else?  Yet Moses determines to listen to and obey God, even though he knows it will be difficult. As he leads the Israelites, things get more and more difficult. But Moses presses on and ultimately fulfills his commitment to both God and those he led.

Like Moses, we too are called to listen to God and His Word. Then we must be willing to trust God and follow through with our commitments, even when the going gets tough.

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