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Faith Moments

March 5, 2013

Faith Moment Follow-Through 2

Transcript of audio:

Any baseball player, golfer or tennis pro knows the importance of follow through in hitting the target. Take aim and follow through.

St. Paul stresses the importance of follow through in our faith during the second reading this week. He recalls how the Israelites suffered in the desert when they didn’t listen to God and warns that we too must take care not to fall.

During Lent, Christians aim at strengthening our obedience to God's Word. That means listening closely to what the readings have to say...and for what God may be calling us to do.

Lent is not about giving up coffee or a favorite candy. It's about following through on those good intentions we all have, that come from following the example of Christ. Volunteering. Donating to a charity. Attending Mass or services more regularly.

What is God calling you to do? Listen closely. Then take aim and follow through.

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