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Faith Moments

March 6, 2013

Faith Moment Follow-Through 3

Transcript of audio:

In this week's Gospel, Jesus tells us the parable of the fig tree. It's a story ripe with a lesson on the importance of following through with what God calls us to do.

The fig tree had a purpose – it was planted to bear fruit. When the tree didn’t produce, the orchard owner was ready to remove it. But the gardener had great patience and continued to tend to the fig tree in hope that it would eventually blossom.

We are like the fig tree – God has a purpose for us. He wants us to enjoy the fruits of a good life with one another. God is tremendously patient, always working the soil of our lives and giving us what we need.

Now we must follow through. It is not enough to have good intentions. What should we be doing – or not doing – to bear fruit for God?

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