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Faith Moments

March 11, 2013

Faith Moment Reconciliation 1

Transcript of audio:

There are countless areas in our world in need of reconciliation these days – wars, hostility and anger abound.

Our readings this week are filled with the language of reconciliation.  "Katallasso", in the original Greek, means to reconcile or to change one thing for another.   It includes actions characterized by new beginnings, forgiveness and renewal.

So we hear of the Israelites renewing their relationship with God.  St. Paul calls on us to be “new creations” as ambassadors for Christ.  And in the Gospel, the prodigal son who was lost returns and is reconciled with his father.

What areas in your life might need reconciliation? How might you, how can we, help to exchange war for peace...hostility for friendship....anger for love?

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