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Faith Moments

March 18, 2013

Faith Moment New Way 1

Transcript of audio:

While this week's scripture readings were written long, long ago, they still offer us insights into living the life God wants for us.

In the Old Testament reading from Isaiah we are shown that God is always present to guide us in dealing with difficulties. It’s a comforting thought.

God reminds the Israelites of how He led them out of suffering and that He is doing something new to help them in their current circumstances. God says He helped them before; and He will help them again.

God is telling that to us too.   He has been with us in the past...He is with us now...and He will be there with us in the future. Do we perceive it? 

Take ten minutes today to be still and be with God.  Read the scripture for the day for your faith tradition and reflect on what it means in your life. 

God wants to help you – you just need to listen.

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