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Faith Moments

March 19, 2013

Faith Moment New Way 2

Transcript of audio:

Last year, a local woman donated a kidney to a perfect stranger. She was willing to endure pain and difficulty to help a man in need. The news media quoted her as saying, "We're all put here to take care of each other and it was my privilege."

We hear a similar message in this week’s second reading.  In it St. Paul talks about imitating the life of Jesus by putting the needs of others first – even if it means sacrifice.  St. Paul changed his life completely – he gave up everything – to follow this new way of life.

We all have things we can let go of to help others.   Ask yourself today what you can give up for the sake of someone else.  Maybe it’s some time to help organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters or Habitat for Humanity.

May the local woman...and her imitation of our inspiration in seeking new ways to do God's will.

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