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Faith Moments

March 25, 2013

Faith Moment Humility 1

Transcript of audio:

Do you consider yourself a humble person?  Being humble is often mistaken for weakness in today's society. But our readings this week tell us just the opposite is true.  Indeed, we see that true humility is an inner strength that can't be seen, but shows itself when we live according to God’s plan.

Thus, in the first reading, we hear that Isaiah ‘steels himself like flint’ as he preaches God's Word, knowing he may be persecuted by those who oppose him. It is Isaiah's willingness to humble himself – no matter the consequences – that is his greatest strength. He knows God is with him and he will never be disgraced in God’s eyes.

So remember to be humble. True humility is its own reward as it draws you closer to God and His protection.

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