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Faith Moments

March 26, 2013

Faith Moment Humility 2

Transcript of audio:

The second reading from St. Paul this week centers on what the Greeks called "tapeinos".  It means to make low or to be humble, and it describes our human form before God.

The point St. Paul makes is that being humble does not mean that we convince ourselves that we are less worthy or that we lower our self-esteem. Rather, true humility expresses our willingness to do God's will and love one another through our conduct and actions.  And, in fact, it often takes great strength.

Paul points to Jesus as having demonstrated the ultimate act of humility.  Jesus humbled Himself, He emptied Himself, willingly becoming a servant for God and us to the point of death.

Although most of us probably won’t be called to give our life, Christ's humility serves as a model for us in living for others. Let us freely make the choice to serve God and one another with, tapeinos, that is, with humble hearts.

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