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Faith Moments

April 1, 2013

Faith Moment Life 1

Transcript of audio:

This past Sunday Christians celebrated the feast of Easter.  The message of Easter is one of great hope and joy for all people. 

Whether we're Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or atheist...we can all embrace the message of life present in Easter.

The Easter scripture readings tell of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how, out of death, new and greater life emerged. That message offers hope for all people that what awaits us is a more abundant life beyond this earthly life. The Easter message challenges us to live our present lives in light of such hope.

Let this hope inspire us to a life of love towards one another.  Whether it’s caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, or simply listening to a friend in need. It is the way to a meaningful life in this world, and eternal life in the next.

May the hope of Easter lead you to enjoy a happier and in heaven.

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