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Faith Moments

April 3, 2013

Faith Moment Life 3

Transcript of audio:

The Easter scripture readings tell of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is the central story of all Christian faith traditions.  In this story we learn how the disciples of Jesus didn’t understand at first what was happening.

Perhaps, like the disciples, we may at times have doubts or questions about our faith or the gospel message of Jesus. But still, the Easter message is worth embracing.

If you have doubts or questions, address them.  Don’t ignore them.  We can have questions, and be seeking answers, and still have hope in God's promise of eternal life in heaven.

The message of Easter is one of new life.  It is one of hope in something far greater than we can imagine.  God welcomes our questions and wants us to seek understanding and, through that, a deeper relationship with him.

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