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Faith Moments

April 8, 2013

Faith Moment New Evangelization 1

Transcript of audio:

The early Christian church was characterized by rapid growth.  Great numbers of believers followed the apostles as they spread the message of Jesus.  You may be wondering, what was so appealing?

This week’s scripture reading gives us a clue. 

Scripture tells us evangelization in the early church happened through both word and deed. In this week’s reading we're told the first Christians were held “in high esteem because of the work they did in taking care of those in need.”   In other words, what they did was consistent with what they said.

We can all reflect on that thought.  Take a moment today to think about your actions.  Are they in sync with your beliefs and values?  Remember, our actions speak much louder than our words.

When we live our faith as Jesus did in our day-to-day lives, we will draw more people to God by our example.

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