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Faith Moments

April 10, 2013

Faith Moment New Evangelization 3

Transcript of audio:

"Peace be with you."   In the Catholic Mass, during the Sign of Peace, members of the congregation say those words to one another. They are the very words we hear Jesus say to the disciples in this week's gospel.

This part of the Mass isn't meant to simply wish the other person well. When we say "peace be with you", Catholics are actually committing to following our faith and doing just as Jesus did.  We are imitating Jesus and giving expression to our hope that those around us will receive wholeness and well-being in their lives.

Bringing peace to others is the essential characteristic of doing God's will. We offer peace when we help the sick...feed the hungry...and forgive one another.

Peace be with you. Let us be instruments of peace to one another.

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