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Faith Moments

April 15, 2013

Faith Moment Vocations 1

Transcript of audio:

What is your vocation?  Not your job or career. Rather, what is or might God be calling you to do?

There are many different ways God calls his people, as we see with the apostles in this week's readings.  Although we are not all called as the apostles were to preach and teach, rest assured we are all being called by God.

Put determining what God is asking you to do at the center of your life.  How are you called to love and care for others?  Take time to look around you – at your family, friends, workplace, community and church.  Where do you see need?  Wherever there is need there is a vocation.  God may be calling you.

Through prayer and reflection you can listen more closely for God’s call and understand your own vocation.

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