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Faith Moments

April 16, 2013

Faith Moment Vocations 2

Transcript of audio:

When we hear the word "vocation" we may think of priests or ministers.  The fact is, we all have a vocation.  Simply put, your vocation is what God is calling you to do.  Think of it as God’s unique and very personal invitation.  As we see in this week's Gospel, the invitation often comes to us in our everyday lives.

As hard-working fisherman some of the apostles had been out all night and had caught nothing.  Jesus suddenly appeared and called for them to cast their nets over the other side of their boat. They listened and caught fish in great abundance.  Jesus then led them to a new vocation as “fishers of men.”

In the midst of your daily life, listen closely and you will hear God’s call.  If you chose to follow, he will lead you into a life of abundance beyond your expectations.

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