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Faith Moments

April 22, 2013

Faith Moment Why Church 1

Transcript of audio:

Have you ever wondered ‘Why go to church’?  Of course there are different answers to that question, but one of the primary reasons is found in this week's readings.

We gather to hear God's Word.  We listen as it is interpreted for us by our priests and ministers who help us understand what it means in our life.

This week’s scripture elaborates, telling us why people gathered on the Sabbath.  It was, “to hear the word of the Lord.”  Paul and Barnabas urged those listening to the Word of the Lord to “remain faithful to the grace of God.”  Do we realize that God’s word, the Sunday readings, is a grace – a gift – from God?  Through God’s word we learn how to live a fuller, happier life, both now & into eternity.

So let us join together to receive God’s gift of his word and let it guide our lives.  In doing so we will discover a more joy-filled life.

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