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Faith Moments

April 23, 2013

Faith Moment Why Church 2

Transcript of audio:

How often have you heard young children say, "I don't want to go to church"?  That's because they don't understand why we go to church. We go to church to receive a gift from God – His Word.

When we hear scripture, such as this week's readings, we realize that church is a place to listen and learn together. God's Word paints a rich picture of His plan and promise for our lives.

For example, in the second reading, John speaks of a time and place where no one hungers or thirsts, and where God will wipe away every tear. We call that place heaven.  And when we go to church we learn how to prepare ourselves for that life. Then we can share that knowledge with to others.

In going to church, we make a conscious choice to seek and hear God's voice, and we follow His voice out of trust in His great love for us.

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