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Faith Moments

April 24, 2013

Faith Moment Why Church 3

Transcript of audio:

This week we’ve talked about why we go to church.  To explore that further, here’s a question.

Did you ever set a goal to read the Bible?  If you’re like most of us you may have started with great intentions but over time found yourself picking it up less and less often, finding it tough to understand. 

Don’t be discouraged.  The Bible is a complex book – or really a set of books – filled with nuances of language and literary style.  It can be a difficult read at first.  But it’s a fascinating and powerful one.  And once its meaning is opened up for you, you will discover truths that will transform your understanding of our world and the very meaning of your life.

You can begin to find that knowledge at your local church this weekend.  God is cordially inviting you to His house.  Accept the invitation and come and explore the best-selling book of all time.

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