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Faith Moments

April 29, 2013

Faith Moment What is Love 1

Transcript of audio:

The scriptures speak of Paul and Barnabas travelling from city to city preaching the gospel and "opening the door of faith" for new disciples.  Paul and Barnabas encouraged their new disciples to build their faith, telling them that, although they may face hardships along the way, God would be with them.  They would persevere. 

What this tells us is that entering a new faith community marks only the beginning of our faith journey.  Being true to our faith and our beliefs through words and actions is not always easy. Modern society tolerates our faith, but often does not support it. And frequently our own bad habits get in the way.  But we, too, can trust that God will help us.

Like the early disciples, we must persevere in our dedication to our faith, despite the obstacles we may face. We are invited to enter the door to a new, stronger faith and, through it, to continually grow in love for God and one another.

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