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Faith Moments

May 6, 2013

Faith Moment Advocacy 1

Transcript of audio:

Have you ever been asked to advocate for your point of view?  Then you can probably empathize with the Christians of 2000 years ago.

During the early Church, there was much discussion among the leaders as to the direction the Church should take.  We see different groups coming together, debating, compromising and deciding on what practices the Church would follow. They were, in essence, advocates for the Church.

The scene is not unlike what we might see in the boardroom of an organization today, as directors and managers resolve conflicts to determine goals and plans. There is one big difference, however.  The early Christians turned to the Holy Spirit for guidance in deciding on the right thing to do.   And the church flourished.

The spirit of God is always on our side too – ready to counsel and assist us.  In your roles as a leader – in business, the community, or even in your family – remember God is your advocate. Ask Him for help in making the right decisions.

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