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Faith Moments

May 13, 2013

Faith Moment Destiny 4

Transcript of audio:

Why were you born?  Have you ever considered that, perhaps, the earth is meant to be a better place because you are here?

In chapter 24 of the gospel of Luke Jesus instructs his followers to “be witnesses” for him.  The message provides insights for us about why God created us and what he wants for us – and from us.

He created us for life with Him, a life greater than anything we can imagine.  Yes, he is our creator, but he is also inviting us into something more – a relationship with him as our Father.  It is up to us to accept that invitation.

We learn how from the example of Jesus – by using our unique gifts to make this world a better place, and by loving one another and God as Jesus did.   When we do that we are witnesses to God’s love, and we confirm our destiny as his children.

What changes might you need to make in your life now to ensure your destiny?

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