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Faith Moments

May 14, 2013

Faith Moment Destiny 5

Transcript of audio:

In Luke's Gospel this week, the apostles watch as Jesus blesses them and is taken up into heaven. We are told they returned to Jerusalem with great joy after witnessing the Ascension.

We too can take great joy and hope from the message of the Ascension of Jesus. It offers clarity about God's intention for us.

The Ascension gives us a visual demonstration of our own destiny – we are destined for eternal life with God in heaven.  The Ascension also challenges us to look beyond our lives on earth to the world to come that God promises.

As He is received into heaven, Jesus passes His mission on to the apostles – and to us. We can look forward to the next world with joy, by living as Jesus did on this earth today.  That means living in love toward one another, with joy and hope in our destiny.

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