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Faith Moments

May 20, 2013

Faith Moment Empowerment 1

Transcript of audio:

For Christians, Pentecost Sunday marks the end of the Easter season.  But we see from the scriptures, Pentecost is really the beginning of something truly extraordinary.  It is the celebration of God's gift of the Holy Spirit that empowers us to live our faith as Jesus did. Understand that this gift is a means, not an end, given to us so that we can give ourselves to each other.

The Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles, enabling them to speak in different languages. This empowered them to begin evangelizing – spreading the Christian message about Jesus and God’s love throughout the world.  That same Holy Spirit remains with us today, challenging us to a new evangelization, and enabling us to speak the language of love that Jesus spoke.

Empowered by this spiritual gift, may we use it to spread the Gospel message of God’s love in our words and actions.


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