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Faith Moments

May 21, 2013

Faith Moment Empowerment 2

Transcript of audio:

The readings on Pentecost Sunday give us two different descriptions of the Holy Spirit descending upon the apostles of Jesus.  The first reading from Acts, written by Luke, describes in powerful terms a strong, driving wind coming and tongues of fire appearing.  The Gospel from John is quite the opposite. We hear gentler terms used as Jesus appears to the apostles saying, "Peace be with you", breathing the Holy Spirit upon them.


What we can take away from this contrast is that both qualities characterize the disciple who has received the gift of the Holy Spirit.  On one hand, the Holy Spirit empowers us, giving us the strength we need to live as children of God, especially as we help those in need.  On the other hand, the Spirit provides the gentleness required to love one another with patience and compassion, as Jesus did.


Let us receive the Holy Spirit...and may peace be with you. 

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