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Faith Moments

May 29, 2013

Faith Moment Guidance 3

Transcript of audio:

Here's an Aesop's fable to help us understand the importance of God's guidance.  A farmer was leading his mule down the road. Since the mule had no burden on its back, the farmer let it move freely along.  The farmer noticed the mule heading for a high cliff and grabbed its tail to try and hold it back.  But the stubborn mule resisted and continued toward the cliff's edge. For his own safety, the farmer had to let go. As the mule hurtled over the cliff, the farmer called out, "If you want to be the master, you'll have to go it alone."


How often are we like the stubborn mule, ignoring God's guidance?  But God does not leave us to ‘go it alone’. He sends His Spirit to be with us, to guide us, and to help us show others God's great love.  Take time to look for God’s guidance and love in your life today.

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