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Faith Moments

June 5, 2013

Faith Moment Nourishment 3

Transcript of audio:

Have you ever helped someone, and come away feeling rewarded yourself?

In this week’s readings we hear about Abram tithing his riches won in battle, the disciples feeding thousands, and Jesus extending to us the opportunity to share in his life, death and resurrection. The message is that not only should we nourish ourselves, but also reach out to help others in our life. We may sometimes feel limited, but we are encouraged that God has no limits. With God, all things are possible.

When we reach out to our neighbors to lend a helping hand, a kind work, a thoughtful prayer, we ourselves are blessed abundantly. Giving God’s love creates more love, and we will find that we always have plenty to give and much left over, just like the loaves and fish.

Spread God’s love today through your time, talent and treasure, and you will be sure to see how extremely fulfilling it is for you.

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