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Faith Moments

June 11, 2013

Faith Moment God's Plan 2

Transcript of audio:

Do you believe that God is there when you need Him?

In this week’s scripture reading from the Book of Kings and in the Gospel reading from St. Luke, we hear similar stories of young men being resuscitated and brought back to life through God’s loving care. Both Elijah in the first reading and Jesus in the Gospel show compassion for the widows who have lost their sons. The widows both experience a miracle, and both recognize God’s presence in their lives.

The same is true for us too.  Although we probably haven’t experienced someone being brought back to life, we can experience God’s loving care, his presence, in our lives.  The miraculous is evident all around us if we are looking for it. The key is to acknowledge that God is with us through all aspects of our life, giving us love. Recognizing that is a wonderful joy!


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