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Faith Moments

June 17, 2013

Faith Moment Forgiveness 1

Transcript of audio:

The 18th century English poet, Alexander Pope, wrote "To err is human; to forgive divine."  Pope perfectly sums up our scripture readings this week.

From the first reading, in which David acknowledges his Paul's message to the Galatians in the second the compassion of Jesus for the woman in the Gospel...we understand that as humans, we will all make mistakes.  The good news is that God always offers forgiveness. And it is His love that brings the forgiveness.  Note, however, that in order to experience that forgiveness, we must acknowledge that we have done wrong. When we do that and are forgiven, we experience the peace of reconciliation and we grow in our ability to love. We often become less self-righteous and less judgmental of others.

Forgiveness is not earned. It is a gift from God who loves us. We are called to receive this gift and share it with others.

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