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Faith Moments

June 19, 2013

Faith Moment Forgiveness 3

Transcript of audio:

In our lives, a kiss can be used to heal a relationship, a hurt or a separation.

In this week's Gospel we see a woman who had committed many sins kissing the feet of Jesus.  This woman knows that she has done much wrong and has ignored God.  But she also knows that God is willing to forgive her. Her incredible expression of love – kissing the feet of Jesus – comes from her deep desire to be forgiven and to experience God’s love.

Through this Gospel, Jesus wants us to see the great love within the heart of one who receives forgiveness.  The Gospel invites us to examine our own lives to see where we might need to ask for God’s forgiveness so that we can grow in our experience of God’s love. 

Take some time today to talk with God about your life.  He is there to listen and he is willing to forgive.

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