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Faith Moments

June 24, 2013

Faith Moment Thirst 1

Transcript of audio:

What fills your life; quenches your thirst? 

Do you fill your life with meaning? In Luke’s Gospel this week, Jesus invites each one of us to be a disciple. This is no simple task; it is one that can entail a degree of hardship and sacrifice.

Often we are asked to deny ourselves and our interests. The woman who declines the social invitation of her friends and instead goes to the homeless shelter to serve meals and brighten the day for someone with kind words. The CEO who uses vacation time to help paint and fix up a shelter in the community instead of taking that trip to Europe.

When we make sacrifices for others, we truly benefit. We are called to do this not yearly, not monthly, but daily. And in return, Jesus promises, “Whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.”

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