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Faith Moments

June 25, 2013

Faith Moment Thirst 2

Transcript of audio:

There are many factors in our lives that define us: what we do, where we come from, our economic or social status. Have you ever felt that the parameters of our definitions are limiting? Isolating?  Do they leave you thirsting for something different?

In this week’s second reading, St. Paul talks about breaking down those barriers that define us to the world. These distinctions that seem to order us here on earth do not matter in the eyes of our ever-loving Heavenly Father.  Jew or Greek, slave or free, man or woman… When we follow His teachings we are His children and we are one, as promised by God.

What would happen if each of us took this to heart? Try going through your day treating everyone with a kind heart, seeing yourself and everyone around you as no more and no less than anyone else. God’s children, living His love, truly can and should transform communities.

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