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Faith Moments

June 26, 2013

Faith Moment Thirst 3

Transcript of audio:

Christians believe we are all asked on a daily basis to follow the teachings that Jesus Christ modeled, even if there is a cost to us. This does not mean going out and looking for problems but instead accepting those things in our lives that are opportunities to follow Christ’s example – and putting that above any inconvenience or discomfort to us.

There are so many places in our community that we can be of service if we adopt this attitude. Volunteering at a shelter. Assisting a youth group. Donating clothing and toys to an organization for abused women and their children. Helping your block club or community group. Making a meal for friends welcoming a new baby or dealing with an illness. Calling on an elderly neighbor to check in.

Doing things for others – quenching their thirst. In this way we are blessed, and continue to grow closer to our God and our eternal reward.

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