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Faith Moments

July 1, 2013

Faith Moment Follow-Through 4

Transcript of audio:

How often do we procrastinate when we have something important to do, but it may require some sacrifice on our part?

We are not unlike Elisha, the disciples and others we see in this week's scripture readings.  When God tells Elijah to anoint Elisha as a prophet to succeed him, the young farmer hems and haws. His intentions are good, but he tries to delay making the commitment.  In the gospel, when Jesus tells the disciples to "follow me", they also hesitate.

Eventually, Elisha gives up everything to help others and follow the prophet Elijah as God had called him to do. Likewise, the disciples recognize what they have to do to follow Jesus and they never look back. Quite simply, they follow through on their good intentions.

What is holding us back or distracting us from what God calls us to do? Perhaps it's time we consider if we are making excuses and commit to following through.

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