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Faith Moments

July 2, 2013

Faith Moment Follow-Through 5

Transcript of audio:

Twenty years ago, Linda and Gary Tatu founded Harvest House in South Buffalo. They sold their comfortable home in the suburbs to purchase an old city church where they help people in need become spiritually and physically whole through a number of services. 

The Tatus and Harvest House provide a local, modern day example of what this week's scripture readings aim to teach us.  Like Elisha in the first reading and the disciples in the gospel, Linda and Gary made huge sacrifices to follow God's will. They heard St. Paul's message of the second reading to "love thy neighbor as thyself", and they followed through.  They are ordinary people finding extraordinary ways to follow Christ.

We can't all sell everything to start a ministry like Harvest House. But God calls each one of us to follow Him and love one another.

What's holding us back? Think about letting go...and follow through.

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