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Faith Moments

July 3, 2013

Faith Moment Follow-Through 6

Transcript of audio:

Coretta Scott King trained to be a professional concert singer at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.  As she embarked on her career, she met Martin Luther King. She left her music behind to marry him and move down south where he became pastor of a Baptist church.

Coretta Scott King once said she believed it was divine intervention that she and her husband were thrust into the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement. When Martin Luther King died, she became even more involved, and today is known as the First Lady of Civil Rights.

Coretta Scott King is a contemporary example of the disciples we see in this week's scripture readings. Like them, she gave up her own interests and followed through to do God's will and help others.

May her example inspire us to follow through and accept God's call to serve others in our own lives.

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