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Faith Moments

July 8, 2013

Faith Moment Comfort & Care 1

Transcript of audio:

This week’s Psalm readings give us great cause for rejoicing. The people are happy because they have seen that their God is all good and all powerful. He has done great things for them, and they are full of joy and thanksgiving.

The community written about is so full of love and praise for God, rejoicing in their exodus from Egypt. They have been taken care of by God. He led them safely to another land, their promised land.

We can liken it today to a child on Mothers’ Day, full of hugs, kisses, giving Mom a homemade card or gift. There is a sense of excitement to show love and appreciation for all that his mom has done.

There are many good things happening that we can celebrate and thank God for each day. We should do this with all the joy and carefree abandonment of a child, rejoicing in all our Father has done for us.

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