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Faith Moments

July 9, 2013

Faith Moment Comfort & Care 2

Transcript of audio:

Arriving home after a long trip or a tough day is a comforting feeling.  Familiar surroundings and routines help to reduce the stress in life.

In this week’s scripture reading, we hear a beautiful proclamation from Isaiah that speaks of the joy of coming home to a life lived with God. The Israelites have come back to their homeland following an exile in Babylon.  Isaiah is telling them what life can be like with the Lord.  As a mother gives birth and cares for her child, so will God take care of the Israelites and us, His children. As a mother holds her children on her lap and comforts them, so will God comfort us.

Where do you find comfort and joy in life? Your church? Family?  Community? As God promised happiness to Jerusalem, He promises the same to you.

Take a moment today to thank God for all of the blessings in your life that bring you comfort and joy.

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