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Faith Moments

July 10, 2013

Faith Moment Comfort & Care 3

Transcript of audio:

Come and see the works of the Lord, is our invitation from the Psalms this week. Come and see that he changed the river into dry land so His people could easily walk through. Today, come and see new mothers being cared for at the St. Gianna Molla house. Come and see people being fed at the Response to Love Center. Come and see former prisoners helping the community through PeacePrints Ministries.

Examples are all around us of good people answering God’s invitation and doing His work.  When we see veterans being honored, or an elderly person receiving a visitor, we are witnessing the will of God at work.

Look around today at the good things and good people in your life.  And take a moment to stop and thank God.  God always hears your prayers and is always offering His kindness. What blessings have you received from Him? What can we “come and see” in your life?

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