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Faith Moments

July 22, 2013

Faith Moment Hospitality 1

Transcript of audio:

Hospitality is expressed in many ways, from hosting a holiday party to welcoming family for a weekend visit.  Our readings this week challenge us to look at hospitality differently.

In the Gospel, Jesus teaches us to think of hospitality as a ministry...something we do for one another...expressed in welcoming, listening and serving.

Jesus is welcomed by sisters, Martha and Mary, at their home.  While Martha busies herself in serving their guest, Mary sits listening to Jesus. This doesn't sit well with Martha, who complains.  If we have siblings, we can relate. It's not fair. We do the work while others relax.  But as Jesus told Martha, there's more to hospitality than just serving. In the "busyness" of our lives, we must be present for our guests so that we may truly encounter them.

God calls us to a deeper level of hospitality – to welcome, and listen first so that we may truly serve one another.

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