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Faith Moments

July 24, 2013

Faith Moment Hospitality 3

Transcript of audio:

Are you a Martha or a Mary? An Abraham or a Sarah?

The people we encounter in this week's scripture readings all have something to teach us about hospitality.  Sarah cooked and served while Abraham was attentive to every need of their guests. Martha gives of her energy to serve Jesus, while Mary listens attentively to him.  Each expresses hospitality differently – welcoming, listening, serving. Taken all together, these form the ultimate expression of hospitality...the demonstration of love that Jesus shows us.

We see hospitality as a balance between action and contemplation. Martha's actions in serving meet a temporary need. Mary's contemplation of what Jesus has to say provides her with lasting enrichment. Sarah acts on the work that needs to be done while Abraham recognizes the presence of God in their guests.

True hospitality is the genuine welcoming of others, and being attentive to others as Jesus taught us.

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