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Faith Moments

July 29, 2013

Faith Moment Persistence 1

Transcript of audio:

So many things in life require persistence for success.  The musician practices for hours. The athlete constantly trains. The business owner works day and night.  Imagine if we were that persistent with our prayer.

In this week's Gospel, Jesus teaches the Our Father, instructing us to pray persistently, with a daily awareness of God's presence in our life. He wants us to think of God as a loving parent, someone who is always with us, caring for our well-being.

Daily prayer gives us communion with the Father and helps us discern what He wants for us, not simply what we want for ourselves.  This type of prayer requires persistence so that we continually strengthen our relationship with God, opening us in new ways to the goodness and light He wants to share with us.

Let us be more persistence in faith...and in love for one another as Jesus taught.

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