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Faith Moments

July 30, 2013

Faith Moment Persistence 2

Transcript of audio:

Abraham is the model of persistence in prayer as we see in this week's first reading.  He doesn't let up in asking God over and over to spare the innocent people in the city of Sodom.  Note that Abraham isn't asking on behalf of himself. He is concerned about the well-being of others and knows it is God's disposition to be merciful.

The story teaches us that God is just. As He is persistent in his mercy, compassion and love for us, we too must be persistent in our relationship with God and have mercy, compassion and love for others.

Like Abraham, we should never let up in asking God to help us discern His will for us. That includes daily prayer for others, and striving to be constantly in communion with one another.  That is the kind of persistent prayer Jesus taught us – prayer from the heart with attentiveness to God's mercy and divine presence in our lives.

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